We are a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organization serving sunny Los Angeles California! We network and rescue cats and kittens from the high kill L.A. City shelters as well as the streets to save them from being killed. We keep tabs on who is in the most danger, get them to the vet, match ’em up with fosters/adopters, and give them a second chance at a happy life. One day we will have the biggest/fanciest/volunteer-run no-kill shelter in the woooorld! But even in our current grassroots manifestation we can proudly say we save over 1,000 lives annually!

While we are all loud and proud crazy cat people… we are equal opportunity and over the moon for everyone from the mangiest Tabby to the shyest Sia. These are living things, people, and not disposable…spread the word. 🙂

Tabby Power!!!  xxx

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A Tribute to Hyla Marrow

Hyla was born in 1950 and became an accomplished gymnast and dancer, leading to a long career as a stuntwoman and actress in over 80 films. She was also a successful day-trader and a passionate cat-lover who created a Trust that since her death in 2016 has
benefited over 60 organizations that help homeless cats find medical care and forever homes. KittCrusaders is grateful to be one of those groups and thanks the Hyla Marrow Trust for its generous support of our rescue and adoption efforts.

Hyla Marrow