Monthly Archives: March 2016

Foster Fail Friday: Nugget!

Nugget was in a happy home until someone developed an allergy to her.  Unfortunately, the same thing happened at her first foster home.  Happily, third time’s the charm!  Our own website writer (pictured) happily adopted her.  She’s giving kitty kisses and nabbing as much office chair time as she can...
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Big, Big Adoption Day on Sunday – Come Join Us!

We’ve got a passel of Siamese (like this lil’ guy!) that are ready to be adopted, plus all kinds of kitts that will wrap themselves around your heart!  We’ll be at 100 N. Larchmont, 12-4PM on Sunday (in front of the Bank of America building.)  See you there!...
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Kitt of the Day: Aladdin Sane!

Aladdin Sane is a beauty! Here he is lounging on the divan at our Petco location on Robertson Blvd in LA.  You two would do great singing “Under Pressure” together – he’ll even let you sing the Freddie Mercury part!  Now that’s love. Drop by and see him at our...
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Foster Fail Friday: Daisy (formerly “Bianca!”)

Daisy and her new mama are very happy together.  You could be, too!  Feel free to keep up with us on our Facebook page, or check out our “Adopt” page here and find a furry face to love.  We’d love to be your matchmaker!...
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