It’s KittenPalooza right now!!!

It’s kitten season once again, and we are doing our best to save the lives of kittens and cats and rescue them from the South LA shelter, as well as the street.  We are BEYOND capacity right now, and cannot continue to save lives unless we adopt out the ones we have, or find fosters.  Fostering entails caring for a cat or kitten (or 2 or 3!) during the week, and bringing them to our adoption events on the weekends.  We need your help!  Please contact us at for more info or to volunteer!!!.


  1. Hi Terri! We are beyond capacity right now, but might be able to help if someone can foster the kittens! We rely on fosters, since we do not have a facility (YET!), so that is our difficulty. Email, and we can give you more info. :)- Tracie

  2. Hi Kitt Crusaders 🙂
    I got your name from a friend of mine that adopted an amazing cat from you. I work in North Hollywood and am helping a friend that works next door to me, find a home for 3 precious black kittens (aren’t they all precious anyway?). I’m sure you’re full all the time as you’ve mentioned, but I would like to send you a photo of them. Please let me know if I should send it to Nelia.
    Thanks so much for the feedback. These 3 kittens were born about 5-6 weeks ago. My friend had the mother spayed and she’s to full capacity at her apartment with her own 2 cats.
    Best , Terri

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