Special Needs Alert!! Mitch Needs YOU Right Now! FeLV+, Sweet and Otherwise Healthy!!

Mitch is a gorgeous, 2 year old male who was rescued from the Downey shelter in Los Angeles in the nick of time.  He was scheduled to be euthanised to make space for new animals, and we pulled him to safety.  When we had him tested at our vet, we found that he is positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) which is a disease that is communcable among cats.  It is not contagious to humans or dogs.  Mitch is otherwise pretty healthy, and with care, can live a full life.  He must be adopted into a home without any other cats, or with another FeLV positive cat. 

Here is where the urgency lies:  HE IS LIVING IN A CAGE IN ISOLATION AT OUR VET’S OFFICE.   This is no way to live, so we need to find him a foster or adopter right away!!  Please consider adopting or fostering Mitch and giving him a chance at a happy life!!  Contact us at Tracie@Kittcrusaders.com for more info.  Kitt Crusaders will help cover any related medical expenses!.

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