Two Cats are Better Than One!

Thinking about adopting a cat?  Consider adopting 2!  Read this info from the Eleven Eleven rescue page.  We encourage you to consider 2; so when you adopt one cat from Kitt Crusaders, you can get the second cat for a third of the regular adoption donation!

Two cats are better than one. Having two well matched cats in a house hold can have many mental, physical, and health benefits. Two cats are no more work than one; you are already buying the food, and litter, and already changing the litter regularly. Two cats require the same resources as one, does not need any more space than one, and actually can become less work when you consider the benefits of having two cats vs. one cat.

Mental Benefits:

  • Cats are highly intelligent animals and need stimulation to keep them mentally satisfied. Consequences of a bored, unstimulated cat can be behaviour problems like; meowing all night, chewing, destructive habits, mal-urination, aggression, ect.
  •  Cats that are mentally stimulated are calmer, and have a considerably reduced related behaviour issues. 
  • Kittens or cats adopted alone are more likely to be returned for undesirable behaviour than cats or kitten adopted in pairs.
  • Leaving a cat alone in a house while you have to work full time can be a very dull life for a cat, if you are unable to provide the affection and company for the cat, why not provide him/her with a friend to do so. 
  • Cats love to play, groom, and sleep with each other, why deprive them of that?
  • It is part of their natural instincts to be social and affectionate (although there are always exceptions). 
  • Your cat will remain more playful and youthful in his/her later years with a companion to keep its spirits lifted.
  • If you  have to travel for work, leaving cats alone together with a cat sitter to come feed/check on them is much less stressful for the cats than leaving a cat alone while you are away.  
  • Cats with playmates are generally more socially well-adjusted and less likely to have tendencies of hissing, scratching, hiding when they meet new people.  
  • Two cats allows you to enjoy the social interactions between cats, and can also be interesting for children to learn and observe.  
  • Two cats are less likely to wake you up as they can play with each other, instead of playing with your feet or hair while you try to sleep. 

Physical/Health Benefits:

  • Keeping a cat stimulated by allowing it to have a companion will give it someone to play with, and work off energy it would otherwise not be doing. Unless you have time to play with your cat for at least 30 minutes a day. Cats playing together will burn energy and excess calories. Therefore they will keep each other fit and in good psychical condition.  
  • Cats who are active and playing with each other are much less likely to be affected with obesity and obesity related diseases (diabetes, constipation, urinary infections, ect).  
  • Two cats can sometimes be cleaner than one, because they will groom each other and keep each others coats and ears cleaner than a cat alone would itself.

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