Adopted: Apollo and Buddy & Holly!

2017-04-24T17:29:23-07:00April 2nd, 2017|Success Stories|

Happy day for Apollo and Buddy & Holly! Apollo's foster mom officially adopted him — now that she's graduated, she and Apollo will be jetting across the country and settling into home in New Jersey. We think he's got the temperament to be a Jersey boy! And Buddy & Holly picked out their new [...]

Foster Fail Friday: Nugget!

2017-04-24T17:35:48-07:00March 18th, 2016|Success Stories|

Nugget was in a happy home until someone developed an allergy to her. Unfortunately, the same thing happened at her first foster home. Happily, third time's the charm and she's been adopted. Nugget is giving kitty kisses and nabbing as much office chair time as she can get away with and is back to her sweet and [...]

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